My earthly name is Angela Mia White.

I am called a Master Teacher of New Earth because I teach the Masters of New Earth. I am an author of two books – so far, I am a speaker about the new world -5d-new earth, and I am a cosmic shaman – I travel dimensions with my team to help you heal.

My earthly name is Angela Mia White.

I am called a Master Teacher of New Earth because I teach the Masters of New Earth. I am an author of two books – so far, I am a speaker about the new world -5d-new earth, and I am a cosmic shaman – I travel dimensions with my team to help you heal.

Wanna Know How I Got Here?

In 2012, there was a biggg galactic alignment, that at the time I had no idea about. 2012 is when one of the Mayan calendars was said to end on 12/21/12.

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In June of 2012 my body started to slow down, so much that through the few months following, I could no longer walk or talk very much and it was even hard to think straight.

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I had to learn to heal myself with herbs, water, fruit, fresh squeezed juices, vegetables, sunshine, drawing, mantras 'n' more.

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I met and work with Archangel Metatron 'n' Archangel Michael. (Yes they are real, Met is my buddy 'n' is the best guide 'n' Mikey's sword is heavy. Truly.)

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It's now 2020 and I help people break free from old Earth, their old selves, because that’s what it takes. I do many things in New Earth. I have services, books, groups, and videos.

“I am here to break the etheric chains that held you captive to old Earth. Do you see me breaking them for you right now? Because I am. Did you see me smile? Did you smile? Did you feel the goosebumps? This is real. As the chains break, you are realizing who you are and why you are here.”

– The Power of Your Truth in the Golden Age

These are a few testimonials from knowing me and working with me.


You did it!  You took the next step for yourself!! Only you can do this for you!

WWWWOOOOOHHHOOO!! That is an “Ang” greeting!! We will get to who I am a little later… this right now is about You!!

Look at cha! Just look at cha!! Most people do not look at themselves. They skip over themselves a lot. It is what we were all programmed to do. So if you have your phone, which most likely you do, look at the camera at yourself right now. – You are an ABCS – An amazing, beautiful, courageous soul!!  Do you feel this? If yes, then swim around in it!! And there is sooo much more you can feel about yourself!! A lot more!  If not, it is ok. It is where we all started. Hell, you were programmed to loathe yourself. Imagine that?! You were programmed to not love yourself. By society! These are thousands of years of programs that you were taught societally and you took them on and brought them in your house with you. Then you grew up with them, married them and here you are!  So…you may not feel it right now, but I am committed to helping you get there, if you are committed to yourself!  It takes you saying “yes” to your healing over and over again.  Anddddd you took the next step!


Ok did you say yes? Then you are still with me reading this. Great!  Okkk let me explain this a little bit. You have been on the back burner of your life for a very, very, very, did I say very longgg time. It is time for YOU! It is time for you to start being the main course on the front on the stove now. We need to see what is percolating inside of you. And yes we see it all. The good, the bad and the I don’t even know what that is, but we will take care of it together.

Ok, still here? Good.. you have read this much so far, so let’s keep going. Do you want to understand what that “yes” to yourself over and over is all about? Of course you do!! Why else would you take your precious “time” to be here. Even though time is a concept we use in 3d, we use it as a means of being able to set up things in our lives. 3d is a dense place, okk don’t get me started on that. Anyway, the YES! It seems that it would be easy to say over and over. I will tell you right now, it is not. It is not at all. It is what we call bittersweet. You need to put yourself first in your life. You need to start to choose yourself. Not many know how to do this properly and with wisdom, but lucky for you, this is who I am an and what I teach. Soooo…if you say yes, you will be healing you and the whole planet! Amazing I know. I explain this sometimes in my videos. Have you ever seen my videos? They are pretty strong because what I say you need to get under. I explain what that is too.  You can ck out my videos on my personal fb page. I use my personal page for now. Maybe in the future I wont, but right now I do. Ok next subject?? Lets see what else is in here… Oh yesss how I am with you personally is not who you see on my videos. It is, but it isn’t. I am much more personal, warmer, richer ( we are not talking $ richer, but I do that too!! I help you find your money blocks. You were programmed for that too. You can look at my services later.)

Ready for more?

Okkk… It is a thirst you have isn’t it? A thirst to know more about yourself. To love yourself, to find that peace within yourself, to stand in the power of your own truth, and know that you are the abundance of your life! Right?  If you are saying yes. My new book will help. It is not only a book. It is an oracle. I did not know this when I was writing it, but it is. You can just open it up and it will give you what you need for the day.  So, do you want to be stuck or do you want to flow in life? There is a thirst within you to not be stuck anymore. A thirst for bringing you somewhere in your life. To bring you to further into your purpose here on this planet, right now, here in your life.  I have what you need to quench that thirst within you. You have things to do, don’t you? You need to help yourself and you need to help other people. I know this. This is what I am here for. You need to choose yourself first, though.  With me so far?? Ok lets go further.

My website changes constantly. It is who I am. It is not just a part of me. It is who I am. I want you to know who I am, BEFORE you have services with me. I encourage you read my posts on facebook, watch my videos, and/or join my groups. In all of those places you will see that these are the first steps to finding out more about me and you. You will most likely get triggered and you need to choose yes for yourself over and over. It is a crazy maze I know. But I promise you that it is all so worth it. Wanna know the truth? If so, read below.

Ok, you are here. The truth is… the deeper you go into yourself, the more you say yes to yourself and heal, the better off you are!! The closer you feel to yourself. The more empowered you get. The more healthy in all ways you will feel. It all goes together. Your spiritual health has to do with your physical health and more.


Want me to keep going?… im on a roll..  you coming with? Wooohoooo! ( I do that sometimes) ok, want to know the next thing? This is a condensed version. But my messages are “surface level.” They take some time to digest and “get under” to find out what is truly there for YOU. It takes healing to be empowered.  This is how you get out of the matrix and become who you truly are!  AGAIN- YOU ARE YOUR PURPOSE! But you need to get out of the matrix, old earth thinking and its programs and conditioning to see and have this!!  Ok this next part is tough… ready? Of course you are. You are a warrior!!

Here it is, ARE YOU WORTH IT? This is the question and this is where people get stuck.  This is where they have been programmed to believe that they aren’t. They are programmed to say “no, I am not worth it.” SOOOO, I AM TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW, IF THIS IS WHAT YOU THINK -THIS IS A PROGRAM YOU JUST REACHED. – that is why I put it in capital letters. I am helping you get the attention of your subconscious reading this with you. The Truth is YOU ARE WORTH IT!!  and you were programmed that you weren’t. Sad I know. but you can do this!!  You just need to trust yourself and say yes! You can have a new chapter.  A new lease on life. Know this though, it is not overnight, but you will everyday wake up different. This all takes time, patience, love for yourself, it takes valuing yourself (it totally goes along with you being the abundance of your life. This is in my book too) Are you worth it? that is your next question. Only you can answer this for you. Look at it this way, if you don’t invest in yourself, you are investing in someone else.  You were also programmed for this. Nothing works without you. New Earth takes-you, the real you! And you are always your return on your investment, whether you invest in yourself or not it will show. You are the result of it all. Are you happy with yourself? With where you are in life right now? Most likely not, if you are here. You are looking to expand your horizons! I know you are. It takes expanding. So just say yes and break the program for yourself and the planet. Again, it is up to you. Everything is.

“So, I am a bit weird”

You will get used to it. So, how are you? How has all of this affected you reading all of this about yourself? Effected you? Yes I am an author and don’t really know grammar and don’t care too much for punctuation.  I am a New Earth author not old earth. New Earth is about freedom. Here I go again, ok sorry. I am back. So, how are you is a loaded question somedays. Most answer “good” there is a lot in that “good.” I help find out what is in “good.” You would be surprised. Anyway, it is great to meet you! Do you know me from Facebook? Most do. Did a friend tell you about me? Were you just perusing the web and found me? Probably not. It takes time finding me. I know what you have been through to get here. And I love you. You are here! You clicked all those buttons and you got here!! Seems small. It is isn’t! It is huge for you! It means that you know that you are worth it and you are facing that program. It is a doooozy I know.