My Services

Healing With Your Inner Child

Do you realize that when you are triggered it is your inner child that comes to the surface and wants to speak? They are saying I am hurt, I am afraid, I need your help. They want to finally be listened to, paid attention to, taken care of properly, loved and nurtured.

Most people have gone through some kind of trauma in their life that they need to heal from. Your connection to your inner child is key to this healing.

This connection is highly important because as you come together with your inner child you heal your adult self and you are able to take 100% responsibility for your life.

This service is available as one – 1 hour session or as a discounted package of four – 1 hour sessions.

I facilitate this meeting with you and your inner child. I help you find out where they are, how they feel, what you may not have known (in some cases) what they know about and feel about you now as an adult and more. I find out if they want to talk with you, if they want to have a relationship with you. If they recognize you. If they know you. You would be surprised how many inner children don’t know their adult selves and frankly don’t want to because they have been forgotten about. They are inner children. They can act like it and in some cases, they can act like they are the adult taking care of you. Like a small child hugging their mom or dad when they see that they are crying or upset. I have seen many inner children go to and comfort their adult self. You may think you know your inner child; you would be surprised what comes out of them. 

It is a relationship that is like no other, that takes time and patience. 

This is a chance for you to get to truly know them and start to give them what they’ve needed and still need now today. 

Sometimes you will even feel it physically when you come together with your inner child. It will feel like heaven. Like a piece of you is back together again and yes you may laugh n cry. It is a connection with yourself and release that is like no other that is needed for your healing. 

No matter how hurt or upset they are, they are waiting for you. You are their guardian Angel now. They are waiting for you to come get them, to make contact with them, love them and take care of them.

You are the only one they want. You are the only one that will suffice. That is why this relationship/meeting is imperative. 

They will finally feel loved and nurtured the way they needed. This is them calling to you. This is your opportunity to heal you both.

This service is available as one – 1 hour session or as a discounted package of four – 1 hour sessions.

Healing Your Relationship with Money

Would you like to heal your relationship to money?

Are you struggling with money? If you are, you are struggling with your own abundance. Do you struggle with receiving it? loving it? accepting it? Most likely you are fed up with not being able to feel and be abundant. Would you like to have it change completely?

This is a deeper issue than just money. Money is you. If you have blocks with money, you have blocks with you.

We are abundant beings. We are royalty. Our nature is to live abundantly in all ways. We have never known this to be true. We never knew we were royalty. We are. We are now to live this way. You can’t do this if you have blocks against having, loving and accepting money. 

If you are having trouble with money, I’m to help you find your blocks. I’m to help you turn it all around. 

If you are ready, so am I.

Spiritual Guidance

Are you ready for your abundance? Are you ready to know yourself even more? To love yourself into your higher self? Clarity is of the utmost importance in this ascension journey. It is essential for you to know where you are truly at in your consciousness. Most people, don’t really know and that can be detrimental to yourself and your life. That “unknown” subconscious programming from old earth is going out to the consciousness without you even knowing. This is where I come in to help you uncover these things.

This service is available as one – 1 hour session or as a discounted package of four – 1 hour sessions.

When you can be completely honest with yourself it shifts things in your world drastically. You are bringing consciousness to yourself and your life. I will help you uncover things that you have skimmed over, that you thought not important in your life and that you may have swept under the rug for safe keeping, for another day, another time. THE TIME IS NOW! I will help you unbury things that you don’t know are there and help you move into the next phase of your life! ​​

This service is available as one – 1 hour session or as a discounted package of four – 1 hour sessions.

Soul Retrieval

This is something new that has evolved in me being a shaman. This is a brand new service that I am to provide you with. There’s so much that can happen, it’s hard to describe. We will speak first on video before we begin the journeying part. We will discuss who you feel that has a part of your soul and why you are being led to this service.

After this, I will be going into a trance and you will go in a meditation. I will be calling forth your soul, and theirs. From that point on… the magic happens. It will take abt 15 mins. I need your permission to voice record it also. I know that this is sacred to you, as it is sacred to me. My team of guides will be a part of this process. I do nothing without them.

As always, you need to take 100% responsibility for your life and your journey and give me permission to do this with and for you. This has already been contracted with whoever it is, so my guides tell me that it has already been established that this would happen. Calling these souls forth is part of your journey and theirs. Everyone involved heals. This process is about an hour and 30 mins. long.

***I perform Soul Retrievals on a case-by-case basis during Mercury Retrograde June 17th-July 12th. Please contact me to inquire prior to purchasing the service.***

Birthing/Spiritual Surgery

This is an incredible spiritual process with my “team” and I working with you on your energetic body and your chakra system to clear you of what may be hindering you in this life, from past lives. You may need this service if you are transitioning from 3D to 5D. Part of this process is an having an encounter with my guides, that I voice record for you of what I see happening to your energetic body. I see it all. There is a lot that happens in very little time. I speak to many light beings that assist in this process as I record what I see, feel, hear and experience.

You can read the testimonials! It frees you like nothing else. It is about a 2 hr process. If you are not sure if this is what you need, you can ask your guides or me one of us will know.

*Please know that I have been directed to tell you that there are two parts to this particular service. The first part is the oracle reading. This is where you download your new energy and meet up with me, my guides and my teaching. The second part is the trance surgery part. it is not as long, you need to take full responsibility for it and it is free.

***I will not be performing Birthing/Spiritual Surgeries during Mercury Retrograde June 17th-July 12th***

​*** Please be advised that I am a public speaker. You need to trust me. I speak of my own life and my experiences. If you come to me for services, you are then part of my experience here. You will need to understand that you may be talked of in one of my live videos. You need to trust me. Your name may be used and the experiences that you had with me. Any of the time with me can be used to help others come out of hiding. You must agree to this understanding before services are rendered. YOU MUST TRUST ME. IT IS TRUSTING IN YOU. If you do not agree that I can use your name or experience in my live videos, I need to refuse service to you. Did I say you must trust me? You must trust me. ***